We go together.

We are a coworking space people and companies making our way across a wide geography of disciplines in technology, design, and business. We all give a damn about hard work, life well-lived—it turns out, we like doing all that with as few closed doors as possible.

We take local
everywhere we go.

We do a lot of worky parts of life next to each other—like a few feet from each other. Sometimes we make things together; other times we do the party parts of life together. Some of us own businesses. Some of us are employees. Not one of us does just one thing. Unlike all the other really good cults we sort of lead each other—gurus are for the birds.


Q. How would you explain Atlas Local to your dad?

AtLo isn't an office—we're like a contingency of craftsmen who share the space we work in. Together, we strive to challenge the status quo and push for smarter results, and more enjoyable products and service. We work our asses off for our own companies, our employers, or our clients. Practically that means we all do our individual careers and then pitch in to collaborate a lot—we make a habit of it.​​​

Q. How do I local? 

So you want to be a local? Cool. Our primary focus is building a community that lasts. Many of our locals have been part of AtLo since it started in 2007. If you're just looking for a desk where you can slap your keyboard we're not the right fit.

If that sounds like your kind of koolaid, then we have three ways to be a local: Cafe Member, Fulltime Desk, and Solo Office Space. Prices are $150, $350, and $600+ a month accordingly depending on how big your britches are. We don't negotiate with terrorists—or on price.

Q. Where do I sign up?

Get in touch. We do tours by appointment only (cuz you know, we're busy making the internet and other cool stuff). You can schedule that with via our Contact Form and we will be back in contact usually same day. We're also on Twitter, Instagram, and you can sign up for email updates.

We are located at 25 Draper Street, Greenville, SC inside the Brandon Mill. 

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