Chandler Van De Water

Local Since 2007

My first name is Chandler. My last name is hard for people to spell and space and capitalize correctly. People categorize my personality with other double-sanguine ENFPs. Double-sanguine ENFPs have a list of weaknesses that doubles the length of list of strengths. Shrug. I'm a Presbyterian so weakness is a good thing. I wear my heart on my sleeves, when I'm wearing sleeves. When I'm not wearing sleeves, I tend to enjoy my wife, Lauren, and our two kids, Everly and Finn. They're very enjoyable with sleeves, too. Beer is also enjoyable to me but, as of late, I've enjoyed classic cocktails more often. Sports are moderately enjoyable to play but I am only 5'6", so I just lift weights instead. People pay me to design and develop across lots of mediums, but mostly the web. I made a font that seemingly shows up everywhere. Go Tigers.

Cubano Font
A decisive, yet friendly, san-serif display typeface

Relay Foods
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Daily updated designs, I promise!